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Man Walking in Fields

Narrative Films

Narrative films is the visual fulfilment for a poet.



Biff Loman confronts his father, Willy Loman, revealing truthfully who he is and what he wants.

One day of intensive shooting with two SAG actors. Totally immersed in the dramatic moments created by one of the greatest plays in history.

Length:                           9'23"

Production time:        Dec, 2023

Roles:                              Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Climactic Father and Son Scene from DEATH OF A SALESMAN 
Contemporary Version

2023  - Drama- 

A mini-film comprised of AI-generated still images.

It tells about the spectacular journey of 12-year-old Lina who was born different.

Length:                           2'05"

Production time:        Oct, 2023

Roles:                             Writer, Director, Editor, Sound Designer


2023  - Fantasy- 

AWARD OF MERIT - The IndieFEST Film Awards - FILM SHORT STUDENT 2023.png
FINALIST - Independent Shorts Awards - 2023 copy.png

2023  - Psychologcial Short - 


A mental health counselor visits his patient's home. Deep secrets of both, uncovered.

In modern society, people are plagued with mental health issues, myself included. "The Counseling" is a  micro-budget indie film trying to unlock the "prison" in everyone's mind. 


Shot within 4 days. 6-7 pages a day.  Mini-crew of three. This is my grad film project at ArtCenter College of Design.

Length:                           22'08"

Production Date:        March 13-16, 2023

Location:                        Pasadena, California

Roles:        Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Producer

2020  - Hybrid Film- 


How does a British lady cope with the special summer in Beijing, during COVID-19?  Get a sneak peek into real life in the capital of China.

This 3-min film was shot in August of 2020. Morag was my co-worker and a TV host. Due to COVID, I wasn't able to swim for eight months. I was so anxious. When finally a pool opened, I asked Morag: Shouldn't we make a video on the GRAND re-opening of swimming pools? Morag answered, YES!


So I shot this film with her with a cell phone and an underwater go-pro. Unknowingly, I mixed narrative film elements with documentary elements. Morag was half-acting and half-real. I am not sure which film category it falls into. People say it's fun to watch.

Length:                           3'03"

Production Time:        Aug, 2020

Location:                        Beijing, China

Roles:    Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor

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