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Documentary Films

Documentaries is a boat that I sail, to feel the storm and beauty of life. 


On the Wild Plateau

This is the Tibetan Plateau. 5000 meters above sea level, known as "the roof of the world".  With the mountains and rivers worshipped, it's one of the most spiritual places on earth. The film aims to reveal a special bond between local herdsmen and the wildlife.

My best documentary film, and the most strenuous one. Every crew member was hit by high-altitude sickness. I was watching the most stunning scenery on earth with the worst headache and shortest of breath.  Being the only female and the leader of the crew, my role was not without challenges. 

Length:                        28'35"

Production time:     Sept. 2020

Location:                    The Tibetan Plateau

Roles:                   Director, Writer, Editor, Researcher


The Island

Zanzibar, East Africa. An ancient trading port for spice and a melting pot for African, Persian, Arabian and Indian cultures. What's the secret behind it?  Through the lens of an Arabian plantation owner, we get a glimpse into the island life of today and the past. 

“Best Medium Documentary” at Heritales - IV International Heritage Film Festival, Portugal, 2020

Length:                        29'03"

Production time:     Dec. 2018

Location:                    Zanzibar, East Africa

Roles:                           Director, Writer, Editor

Winner - Canada Shorts - Canadian  International Short Film Fest. - 2018.png


When Chinese Meet Zambians

The adventures of a Chinese businessman, and a Chinese dentist in in Africa. The delicate relationships between two different cultures

I didn't invest tons of efforts in this film, but it has received 2.9 M views on Youtube. 

Length:                        28'02"

Production time:     April. 2015

Location:                    Zambia

Roles:                   Director, Writer, Editor, Researcher


Migrant Sons

In China, millions of labor force move from rural areas to the cities. They are called migrant workers, the driving force of the world's No. 2 economy. Less is know that their families are disintegrating with the elderly and the children left behind. And they themselves often live on the edge of urban life. 

My most in-depth and socially conscientious documentary film.

Length:                        46'25"

Production time:     August 2011

Location:                    Guangxi & Canton, China

Roles:                   Director, Writer, Editor, Researcher

Honorable Mention - Best Shorts Competition - 2018.png



The best moments for the documentary series FACES OF AFRICA

Between 2012 and 2019, as the Chief Editor & Series Producer for the Series, I collaborated with renowned film production companies in Africa and created nearly 200 episodes. Each episode is my baby. I am proud to present the best moments of my "babies".

Length:                        1'27"

Production time:     Aug 31. 2016

Location:                    Kenya

Roles:                           Writer, Editor

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